Monday, August 24, 2009

Benedic Arnold is rolling over in his grave!

Even Benedict Arnold is rolling over in his grave with shame over the Obama administration’s out and out destruction of the whole country! Arnold just wanted to give up West Point!

Can you believe that Obama has decided to prosecute CIA interrogators for possible violations of interrogation policies of the US against captured terrorist? As a level headed, free thinking American citizen this just the biggest brain fart in the history of our country! The real story should be that the CIA did not do enough to get information out of the terrorist! I make a distinction between soldiers and terrorist only because we signed the Geneva Convention. Personally any time information can be obtained to prevent harm to our troops it is a good thing and should be perused with purpose and all haste. Eric Holder is to name John Durham, a career Justice Department prosecutor from Connecticut, to lead the inquiry.

I truly believe this is an extreme political ploy to deflect the negative (to Obama anyway) comments about Obama Health Care! Show the politicians we can still stop their silly BS! Please call your congressional members and tell them how to vote or you will kick them out of office!

Shame on the Obama administration and the Justice Department for even THINKING of going against our CIA interrogators! Whether or not you agree, there have been no further acts of terrorist attacks in our country since the tragic events on 9 /11. People please follow my link to pictures of the destruction of the Twin Towers and tell your congressmen to stop the outrageous actions of the Obama administration and its Justice Department!

God bless America needs to be changed to God help America!

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