Saturday, August 1, 2009


Did you know that Congress has exempted its members and staff and family from the health care bills it intends to pass? SHAME ON THEM! WHAT MAKES THEM BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED THEM IN? NOTHING!!! Whatever health care changes Congress imposes or passes the bill must: 1) require both current members and past members of Congress to be subject to the provisions of the bill and 2) the current medical and health coverage for current and past members of Congress must not be available in any form!

In this instance, whatever is good for the goose is defiantly good for the gander! Without exception this should stop their shameful actions against us! If your elected officials do not implement this into the bill…..DO NOT ELECT THEM AGAIN! KICK THEM OUT! THEIR ACTIONS ARE SHAMEFUL!!!!! PLEASE POST THIS MESSAGE ON EVERY NEWS OUTLET AND ON-LINE SERVICE YOU CAN!!!!


  1. Good points. There's no reason why our leaders can't use the same public resources that the population does.

  2. I concur. I'd take it further...but don't have time and I'm on a diet of no bad words today. Jeanie